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Girl's Generation gallery

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History of Valentine's Day

Valentine day origin created in the kingdom of the Roman era. According to Roman tradition, February 14 is the day to honor Juno. She is the queen of the gods of the Roman goddess. People also called the Roman goddess of marriage. On the next day, February 15 immediately the 'Feast of Lupercalia'.

At that time, life has not been like this now, the girls are prohibited from dealing with the men. On the night before the festival of Lupercalia took place, the names of the girls in the written sheet of paper and then put in the windshield glass. Later the man must take a paper containing the name of a girl who will be dating his friend in the festival.

Not infrequently this pair eventually fall in love each other each other, engaged for several years before finally married. Under the Emperor Claudius II, Roman involvement in the war. Claudius held the tyrannical emperor difficulty recruiting young people to strengthen the fleet of the war.

He believes that men are reluctant to enter the Roman army because of family and leave his beloved. Finally, he ordered to cancel all the wedding and engagement in the Roman. Saint Valentine who was a pastor at the Roman reject this command.

He was with the Saint Marius secretly wed the couple who are in love. But the action they know that soon the emperor ordered his guards to haul and chop pastor's heart good
He died right on the day of the four teens in February in the year 270 BC. At that time people have known the Roman festival of Lupercalia in February, a tradition to venerate the gods. In this tradition the man is allowed to choose girls couples a day.

And because the Lupercalia began in mid-February, select the name of the pastor of Saint Valentinus Day to replace the name of the feast. Since the start of the girls choose men of interest on the day coinciding Valentine.

Happy Valentine days...I love all friendly

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Leah Dizon Sexy women from Japan America

Leah Dizon was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has two older brothers, an older sister, and two younger brothers. She says she grew up listening to Rock and R&B music. She took dance lessons and was in her high school theater. Dizon dreamed of pursuing a career as a singer


Full name: Leah Donna Dizon
Birthday: September 24, 1986
Birth place: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Blood type: O
Height: 167cm / 5'6"
Weight: 52kgs
Bra size: C
Shoe size: 24cm
Nationality: American
Spoken languages: English, a little Japanese, spoke a bit of Tagalog when she was little
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, shopping, drawing, tennis, badminton
Favorite foods: Pho, McDonalds, Shabu-Shabu, Yakiniku
Favorite books: A Catcher in the Rye, The Kitchen God's Wife, Harry Potter, Memoirs of a Geisha, Of Mice and Men, The Slaughterhouse Five, The Virgin Suicides
Favorite musicians: Amuro Namie, B'z, Cassie, Deftones, GLAY, Hamasaki Ayumi, Korn, Moriyama Naotaro, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shiina Ringo, The Smashing Pumpkins, Utada Hikaru, X JAPAN

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5 Reasons Men had affair, watched from Women

The so-obvious characteristics. Eyes as if the fog, did not want to look up when his wife. Come home late at night from the 'office' with se cercah used lipstick on shirt collar. Or, soft fragrance Bvlgari for women jump from the body - squeeze out another woman.

Men are often had affair. And those who do, far more women instead. In the research of the original Kinsey Report - published more than 50 years ago - there are 60 percent male, compared to 30 percent of women, that is not loyal to the party before reaching age 40. Perhaps, this amount is almost always the same in the next research. No matter what the work, from ordinary people until the president, can be contaminated 'disease' is.

But, why? What reasons for them? This is the answer - not from men-the men - but it's the women who had affair in, such as that disclosed in iVillage's Speak Your Mind. The answers they are loaded with different taste, a sense of anger to understanding, frustration until remission, but very popular.

1. Because of Sex

According to the women, men will had affair if they have the opportunity to do so. Love life even happier, but when some women who want intimate relation with it, why not? In fact, men can also make sexual contact without the need to have a feeling that with another woman.

2. Because Easier Rather Improve Relationships

Male had affair as lazy. Improve the relationship rather than being threatened with a pair legality crisis, he prefers to establish a new relationship with another woman. For, take great courage for a man to recognize that there is a relationship in which it is built.

3. Because the Ego too Big Men

Who I'd like to have beautiful and sexy wife, but also still have the same steady-same (especially if more) beautiful and sexy? Men happy to receive praise, especially from the type of opponent. When the pair came from affair, his the egoist is already big, the swell will be. Adored and considered attractive by other women will make men more self-confidence increased.

4. To meet the lack of Relationships In The Now

When there is something less in relationships that are now woven, The man more often had affair. 'Shortcomings' that could be located in the sex or a healthy communication. If he can not 'talk' with my wife or can not do 'kinky sex', it's easy for him to turn to another woman who can give it.

5. They are selfish because

Many had affair only men because they are not mature, greedy, and do not know how to show respect to the spouse. They can also be selfish, and they only think they have feelings, needs, and the lust-lust for slaked. So no matter who will be hurt, as long as they get what they want.
The Feeling for you Adam, Are You Feeling the signs As Above .

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Deby Ayu sexy women from Indonesia

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Zone Women's passion to make a climb

Is this your only joke directed at the chest area, and Miss V. course? Wow .. means that you must heed good tips which we will flash a present for you below how to best explore it.

If you think the zone is located only passion women around the chest and private area, you are really wrong. Here we present a 11 point of passion that must be women by men:

1. Head

Ask couples to use the tip of the finger and middle finger to stroke your temple. Then, use the hands to play the hair before using the tip of her fingers to rub the head. Do slowly. You fall down a head in her lap while doing massage to relax and the reaction apresiatif.

2. Neck

No problem using the hands or mouth. Most women like when couples exploring the neck, both with the stroke, mild smell. Smack smacker and secured the area around the neck produces incredible sensation.

3. Posterior

Ask the pair to kiss your hair slowly started to head back to the embrace of the waist.

4. Thigh

Ask at your partner to explore in the thigh and outside, and avoid the genital organs, with the hands or mouth. Do not try to bite it. Area between the lips smack outside Miss V and then finish up the top of the thigh with a tongue.

5. Back of the knee

You recumbent, leg lift, lie on the body of a pair. Ask him to browse in the knee. Kiss and smack slowly and the surrounding area.

6. Hand

Hold hands with the line of sight and use the second finger to touch the hands with the soft. Try to grope her all over the surface of your hands. Place the middle finger in the mouth and paired hisap slowly. Do the same thing to your husband.

7. Wrist

Hold hands with the opposite hand, and use the fingertips to the wrist. Stroke after a few minutes, use the lips, teeth and tongue to lick and nibble a little slowly in the circle it.
8. Ear

So to the ear, and say something like, this night is yours night. "What he kissed the top of the ear, nibble slowly. Do not be too hard will hurt!

9. Stomach

Ask him a hug your waist with both hands and endus aroma when its nose close to the pair stomach. Ask him to kiss the tip of the stomach from one to the other end, and suddenly let the tongue, then lick it.

10. Ankle

No matter the make or you start foreplay, place the ankle on the shoulders of the pairing. Ask him to touch. Coax with one hand and the smell from one side to the other side.

11. Feet

Ask him a stroke or rub lightly with oil or massage cream. Oleskan on foot, slowly rising to the thumb and then to heel.

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Sperm : Make a woman happy

If during this men often wear a condom in order to avoid a sense of security from infectious venereal disease, there may be a good time without trying to make the masks. A research states that women are exposed to sperm directly will be more happy than the woman who is no sperm left.

Research conducted by State University of New York involved 293 women divided into several groups based on frequency of use of condoms. From the study included several psychological tests to assess the psychological condition of the respondents as a whole, including women tingk happiness.

From the results of the research noted in the journal New Scientist writing, the spouses of women never wear condoms feel happier, while women's level of happiness that spouses tend to always use condoms reduced. In this case the frequency of sexual relations also affect depression in women.

In these journals the researchers wrote a theoretical possibility of happiness associated with female hormones in the sperm fluid, including the hormones estrogen and testosteron. Substances are absorbed through Miss V will help excite sexual women.

Although more women are happy with your sperm, it does not mean pre-marriage sex related or minus the couple are encouraged to make happy.

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Make the most popular style that should be tested

Private Lap Dance

Make time, your body position right above a pair. Some of the women are happy because the spouse can feel more pleasure and reach that seduce the G-spot Orgasme. Do not forget to do the forward movement while pressing your pubis bone. There is also able to perform half-sitting position without a spouse hold in the body while doing penetration. Women like this is that men become 'sprawl'

The Comfort Zone

Most women love with this position, which involves the entire body from the eye contact, body language and communication in the full meaning of the Dian. Women are treated like a romantic. In this position you can put a pillow under the buttocks and ask your partner to embrace and lift your buttocks with both hands. With this style, both of you can do all of the desired maneuver

At Stand erection

This style makes your quick "exit", but with this style you will be guaranteed orgasme more times than once. Is the position you sit on the table, washing machine (make sure its position is stable and strong sustain you and your partner's body) while you open a foot-wide width. Then let your partner perform penetration slowly. Guaranteed Mr.P encourage its G-spot you.

Spooning It

This style is made slowly and rhythmic. You are in the supine position to sleep and your distance and your body starts to penetration from behind. Tell him that you kissed your ear is one of the 'turn-on thing. Another position that you should try to play the body is dealing with the body. Lift one leg back behind you to your partner. Let your partner perform penetration.

Stoop Doggy Dog

You will feel the pleasure and excitement that is very great in this style. For the special he can make full penetration. For this style you must be half-prone body position and the pair right in the back of your buttocks. Then let him make penetration while on hold on your waist
No one for a little more aggressive and try new things right?

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How to Create Hold no man so infatuated with you

Many ways to get attention from men, its sidelong glance, and even praise it more than that. The key is all about you not about their (male). Basically is to give special emphasis on the strength of each side Internally and externally, and be confident (confident), and eventually become very interesting .. Sexy .. Unbearable .. How?
Steps like it:

1. Own sense of humor is good, people are usually interested in someone who can make other people laugh and smile at the various situations when nearby. But do not pass the limit appears to be as foolish jester, scoffer scoffer and people, remain cautious, Laughed if other people laugh and smile is to them in all conditions.

2. Learn and observe. If you ever notice on a party or other social meetings, will always switch to the male view of women and girth, but not the unique atmosphere of intimidation attempt. Try to learn his personality, how to speak it. Listen to what the word of man. What makes him different from other women? Will be seen clearly that a unique personality if you observe them carefully. Tiru is its charm and latih it, but you should still be your own self for many things. Watch it.

3. Clean and fresh. Take care, your body. He always looks fresh wherever you are, still fragrant and radiant. Perhaps this lesson as a child but this is true, your toothbrush out every meal, use a clean shirt. Most men want women who are clean and fresh.

4. Stay fit. Man very interested in caring for women with good health the body, looks fit, which means: Maintaining ideal body weight, maintaining the pattern of eating, enough sleep and exercise. Fit with the look you will learn more of energy that will shine on every strong man that you see.

5. See yourself in front of the mirror and find the things what you like about yourself. The focus is on this, a high quality. You will be far more confident than the other women outside of there. This will make a clear difference between you and the other. Focus on the beautiful yourself!

6. The man can easily not careful with someone who is familiar with "experts gossip," "sycophant," "hotheaded," "The insul" and others. But if they see you are a good woman, attention and care ... hmm .. who can deny the presence of you?

7. Learning to ask questions with the sweet. It seems easy to say but this is difficult. But if you have the will ... This is very terrible! When you are confident with yourself, Go to them (men), met their view, eye contact and give them warm smile .. Ask "What .. you can help me do?" I guarantee you will be successful here. Study.

8. Confident and comfortable with yourself, with you and with your brain. Never minder. Men do not like women who look very smart. This is much more clever not to look smart right? Is seen that women who are you feminine, frail man, but without confidence in the face of life. They will be stupefied and you are willing to do anything to make you happy.

9. This is very important. Show-section and said words to the section. Think about the petition when you said-word. If you wait to vote you will be very sexy and sexy for men ear. Show section does not mean I have to violate a general rule, but in a sensual personality is very important. Sensuality is a blessing and our gift as human women.

10. Per yourself beautiful at any time. Beautiful is important for us, beauty comes from the outside and in our bodies. Outside the body for us, that beauty is complete with information about the fashion, fashion, trend and lifestyle of women beautiful world, should be brought without flow. So you can evaluate yourself and other people around you about it. For beautiful from the inside .. hmm .. This is 1-9 points. Trained it points to.

Hopefully this article can help you to appear very attractive in front of the man's attention.

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Women's Favorite Sex Position

Happiness on the bed with my wife you would be better if there is a feeling of mutual understanding. Did you know the position of sex the most preferred by women? Sexual activity that is not filled with the fresh atmosphere will be extremely boring. Make the position of the various well you try. Every woman surely have a very favorite position they like. This is the direct recognition of the men how to make you crazy and continue to want sex. If you're of mind to create a vivacious wife. Try this moment are!

Doggy Style With upraised Footwashing

If you try doggy style position, do a little more innovation to the pair. Slowly lift the leg and his wife both jaws between your thigh. This way you can mempenetrasi wife dasyat more and more cunning testikel will touch klitoris. You can add a gentle massage on klitoris his wife and make it more zippy.

Playing With a pillow

A wife lie in bed, genuflection to its feet and let it trample mattress. Put a pair of pillow under his buttocks. With this position will be more women terpenetrasi and klitoris will be terstimulasi. If you do exactly, the pair who can perform this style orgasme in the same time. Not cool!

Separate style spoon

Most women like this style because of her husband's attention while it is visible make. Through this style you can do on the field with the more liberal wife. Other times, if you use the spoon style (the body of the man behind the woman, but the situation of women facing up to the side while the men) play a little body of his wife and you will get access to his breast. Lift one foot and the wedge to the top. Or place the foot of his wife on the sidelines your thigh.

Rider seated half

This style is the foundation of style in the ordinary women who do. When you are in a position to sit and his wife are in the top, set the position of wife, such as half-sitting. Folding back of the knee to the movement pattern and set it according to the will. If the wife did not hold strong, hands behind piles. Thus you will see the beautiful body of his wife who make the climb sex.

Founded cadency

If the next time you make a standing position, try this one style. Stand in front of the glass and enjoy the scenery that you make are with the pair. Give a regular rhythm. Lower knee wife's body to form a 90 degree angle, try to position legs straight across as possible. Stand behind the wife and play your penis. Slowly, play the back when you do a shuttle. Enjoy the scenic body of your wife, play a little sound and sight eyes. Finally, his wife gave a little jolt in the buttocks and the sweet touch his buttocks.

69 + 1

Position 69 is the oral sex. But it's up to you only do oral usual, add a little technical. If you are one of the pair will be in the top and one below, now do not need to determine who faint at the top. Do with the style of 69 second pair face each other in parallel and in bed. With this pair will be easier to maneuver. Use your finger to perform oral. Touching and penetration of its klitoris him. Do anything that makes it lose control. But not excessive, can-can stop playing the wife of your penis.

Sex can make life changed especially if you and your partner that add more fun. So next time if you plan to make with my wife.

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