Saturday, February 7, 2009

Make the most popular style that should be tested

Private Lap Dance

Make time, your body position right above a pair. Some of the women are happy because the spouse can feel more pleasure and reach that seduce the G-spot Orgasme. Do not forget to do the forward movement while pressing your pubis bone. There is also able to perform half-sitting position without a spouse hold in the body while doing penetration. Women like this is that men become 'sprawl'

The Comfort Zone

Most women love with this position, which involves the entire body from the eye contact, body language and communication in the full meaning of the Dian. Women are treated like a romantic. In this position you can put a pillow under the buttocks and ask your partner to embrace and lift your buttocks with both hands. With this style, both of you can do all of the desired maneuver

At Stand erection

This style makes your quick "exit", but with this style you will be guaranteed orgasme more times than once. Is the position you sit on the table, washing machine (make sure its position is stable and strong sustain you and your partner's body) while you open a foot-wide width. Then let your partner perform penetration slowly. Guaranteed Mr.P encourage its G-spot you.

Spooning It

This style is made slowly and rhythmic. You are in the supine position to sleep and your distance and your body starts to penetration from behind. Tell him that you kissed your ear is one of the 'turn-on thing. Another position that you should try to play the body is dealing with the body. Lift one leg back behind you to your partner. Let your partner perform penetration.

Stoop Doggy Dog

You will feel the pleasure and excitement that is very great in this style. For the special he can make full penetration. For this style you must be half-prone body position and the pair right in the back of your buttocks. Then let him make penetration while on hold on your waist
No one for a little more aggressive and try new things right?


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