Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to Create Hold no man so infatuated with you

Many ways to get attention from men, its sidelong glance, and even praise it more than that. The key is all about you not about their (male). Basically is to give special emphasis on the strength of each side Internally and externally, and be confident (confident), and eventually become very interesting .. Sexy .. Unbearable .. How?
Steps like it:

1. Own sense of humor is good, people are usually interested in someone who can make other people laugh and smile at the various situations when nearby. But do not pass the limit appears to be as foolish jester, scoffer scoffer and people, remain cautious, Laughed if other people laugh and smile is to them in all conditions.

2. Learn and observe. If you ever notice on a party or other social meetings, will always switch to the male view of women and girth, but not the unique atmosphere of intimidation attempt. Try to learn his personality, how to speak it. Listen to what the word of man. What makes him different from other women? Will be seen clearly that a unique personality if you observe them carefully. Tiru is its charm and latih it, but you should still be your own self for many things. Watch it.

3. Clean and fresh. Take care, your body. He always looks fresh wherever you are, still fragrant and radiant. Perhaps this lesson as a child but this is true, your toothbrush out every meal, use a clean shirt. Most men want women who are clean and fresh.

4. Stay fit. Man very interested in caring for women with good health the body, looks fit, which means: Maintaining ideal body weight, maintaining the pattern of eating, enough sleep and exercise. Fit with the look you will learn more of energy that will shine on every strong man that you see.

5. See yourself in front of the mirror and find the things what you like about yourself. The focus is on this, a high quality. You will be far more confident than the other women outside of there. This will make a clear difference between you and the other. Focus on the beautiful yourself!

6. The man can easily not careful with someone who is familiar with "experts gossip," "sycophant," "hotheaded," "The insul" and others. But if they see you are a good woman, attention and care ... hmm .. who can deny the presence of you?

7. Learning to ask questions with the sweet. It seems easy to say but this is difficult. But if you have the will ... This is very terrible! When you are confident with yourself, Go to them (men), met their view, eye contact and give them warm smile .. Ask "What .. you can help me do?" I guarantee you will be successful here. Study.

8. Confident and comfortable with yourself, with you and with your brain. Never minder. Men do not like women who look very smart. This is much more clever not to look smart right? Is seen that women who are you feminine, frail man, but without confidence in the face of life. They will be stupefied and you are willing to do anything to make you happy.

9. This is very important. Show-section and said words to the section. Think about the petition when you said-word. If you wait to vote you will be very sexy and sexy for men ear. Show section does not mean I have to violate a general rule, but in a sensual personality is very important. Sensuality is a blessing and our gift as human women.

10. Per yourself beautiful at any time. Beautiful is important for us, beauty comes from the outside and in our bodies. Outside the body for us, that beauty is complete with information about the fashion, fashion, trend and lifestyle of women beautiful world, should be brought without flow. So you can evaluate yourself and other people around you about it. For beautiful from the inside .. hmm .. This is 1-9 points. Trained it points to.

Hopefully this article can help you to appear very attractive in front of the man's attention.


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