Saturday, February 7, 2009

Women's Favorite Sex Position

Happiness on the bed with my wife you would be better if there is a feeling of mutual understanding. Did you know the position of sex the most preferred by women? Sexual activity that is not filled with the fresh atmosphere will be extremely boring. Make the position of the various well you try. Every woman surely have a very favorite position they like. This is the direct recognition of the men how to make you crazy and continue to want sex. If you're of mind to create a vivacious wife. Try this moment are!

Doggy Style With upraised Footwashing

If you try doggy style position, do a little more innovation to the pair. Slowly lift the leg and his wife both jaws between your thigh. This way you can mempenetrasi wife dasyat more and more cunning testikel will touch klitoris. You can add a gentle massage on klitoris his wife and make it more zippy.

Playing With a pillow

A wife lie in bed, genuflection to its feet and let it trample mattress. Put a pair of pillow under his buttocks. With this position will be more women terpenetrasi and klitoris will be terstimulasi. If you do exactly, the pair who can perform this style orgasme in the same time. Not cool!

Separate style spoon

Most women like this style because of her husband's attention while it is visible make. Through this style you can do on the field with the more liberal wife. Other times, if you use the spoon style (the body of the man behind the woman, but the situation of women facing up to the side while the men) play a little body of his wife and you will get access to his breast. Lift one foot and the wedge to the top. Or place the foot of his wife on the sidelines your thigh.

Rider seated half

This style is the foundation of style in the ordinary women who do. When you are in a position to sit and his wife are in the top, set the position of wife, such as half-sitting. Folding back of the knee to the movement pattern and set it according to the will. If the wife did not hold strong, hands behind piles. Thus you will see the beautiful body of his wife who make the climb sex.

Founded cadency

If the next time you make a standing position, try this one style. Stand in front of the glass and enjoy the scenery that you make are with the pair. Give a regular rhythm. Lower knee wife's body to form a 90 degree angle, try to position legs straight across as possible. Stand behind the wife and play your penis. Slowly, play the back when you do a shuttle. Enjoy the scenic body of your wife, play a little sound and sight eyes. Finally, his wife gave a little jolt in the buttocks and the sweet touch his buttocks.

69 + 1

Position 69 is the oral sex. But it's up to you only do oral usual, add a little technical. If you are one of the pair will be in the top and one below, now do not need to determine who faint at the top. Do with the style of 69 second pair face each other in parallel and in bed. With this pair will be easier to maneuver. Use your finger to perform oral. Touching and penetration of its klitoris him. Do anything that makes it lose control. But not excessive, can-can stop playing the wife of your penis.

Sex can make life changed especially if you and your partner that add more fun. So next time if you plan to make with my wife.


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