Thursday, February 12, 2009

5 Reasons Men had affair, watched from Women

The so-obvious characteristics. Eyes as if the fog, did not want to look up when his wife. Come home late at night from the 'office' with se cercah used lipstick on shirt collar. Or, soft fragrance Bvlgari for women jump from the body - squeeze out another woman.

Men are often had affair. And those who do, far more women instead. In the research of the original Kinsey Report - published more than 50 years ago - there are 60 percent male, compared to 30 percent of women, that is not loyal to the party before reaching age 40. Perhaps, this amount is almost always the same in the next research. No matter what the work, from ordinary people until the president, can be contaminated 'disease' is.

But, why? What reasons for them? This is the answer - not from men-the men - but it's the women who had affair in, such as that disclosed in iVillage's Speak Your Mind. The answers they are loaded with different taste, a sense of anger to understanding, frustration until remission, but very popular.

1. Because of Sex

According to the women, men will had affair if they have the opportunity to do so. Love life even happier, but when some women who want intimate relation with it, why not? In fact, men can also make sexual contact without the need to have a feeling that with another woman.

2. Because Easier Rather Improve Relationships

Male had affair as lazy. Improve the relationship rather than being threatened with a pair legality crisis, he prefers to establish a new relationship with another woman. For, take great courage for a man to recognize that there is a relationship in which it is built.

3. Because the Ego too Big Men

Who I'd like to have beautiful and sexy wife, but also still have the same steady-same (especially if more) beautiful and sexy? Men happy to receive praise, especially from the type of opponent. When the pair came from affair, his the egoist is already big, the swell will be. Adored and considered attractive by other women will make men more self-confidence increased.

4. To meet the lack of Relationships In The Now

When there is something less in relationships that are now woven, The man more often had affair. 'Shortcomings' that could be located in the sex or a healthy communication. If he can not 'talk' with my wife or can not do 'kinky sex', it's easy for him to turn to another woman who can give it.

5. They are selfish because

Many had affair only men because they are not mature, greedy, and do not know how to show respect to the spouse. They can also be selfish, and they only think they have feelings, needs, and the lust-lust for slaked. So no matter who will be hurt, as long as they get what they want.
The Feeling for you Adam, Are You Feeling the signs As Above .


Lob Eng said...

hmmm...I agreed...

LLnL said...

I had a little trouble reading the post but I think that the points made are excellent. I was scared that this was going to be an article justifying cheating but was pleasantly surprised.

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