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History of Valentine's Day

Valentine day origin created in the kingdom of the Roman era. According to Roman tradition, February 14 is the day to honor Juno. She is the queen of the gods of the Roman goddess. People also called the Roman goddess of marriage. On the next day, February 15 immediately the 'Feast of Lupercalia'.

At that time, life has not been like this now, the girls are prohibited from dealing with the men. On the night before the festival of Lupercalia took place, the names of the girls in the written sheet of paper and then put in the windshield glass. Later the man must take a paper containing the name of a girl who will be dating his friend in the festival.

Not infrequently this pair eventually fall in love each other each other, engaged for several years before finally married. Under the Emperor Claudius II, Roman involvement in the war. Claudius held the tyrannical emperor difficulty recruiting young people to strengthen the fleet of the war.

He believes that men are reluctant to enter the Roman army because of family and leave his beloved. Finally, he ordered to cancel all the wedding and engagement in the Roman. Saint Valentine who was a pastor at the Roman reject this command.

He was with the Saint Marius secretly wed the couple who are in love. But the action they know that soon the emperor ordered his guards to haul and chop pastor's heart good
He died right on the day of the four teens in February in the year 270 BC. At that time people have known the Roman festival of Lupercalia in February, a tradition to venerate the gods. In this tradition the man is allowed to choose girls couples a day.

And because the Lupercalia began in mid-February, select the name of the pastor of Saint Valentinus Day to replace the name of the feast. Since the start of the girls choose men of interest on the day coinciding Valentine.

Happy Valentine days...I love all friendly


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