Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sperm : Make a woman happy

If during this men often wear a condom in order to avoid a sense of security from infectious venereal disease, there may be a good time without trying to make the masks. A research states that women are exposed to sperm directly will be more happy than the woman who is no sperm left.

Research conducted by State University of New York involved 293 women divided into several groups based on frequency of use of condoms. From the study included several psychological tests to assess the psychological condition of the respondents as a whole, including women tingk happiness.

From the results of the research noted in the journal New Scientist writing, the spouses of women never wear condoms feel happier, while women's level of happiness that spouses tend to always use condoms reduced. In this case the frequency of sexual relations also affect depression in women.

In these journals the researchers wrote a theoretical possibility of happiness associated with female hormones in the sperm fluid, including the hormones estrogen and testosteron. Substances are absorbed through Miss V will help excite sexual women.

Although more women are happy with your sperm, it does not mean pre-marriage sex related or minus the couple are encouraged to make happy.


jeLai said...

I think it would make women happier is her man is not using condom.. It's a matter of safe sex perhaps..

jeLai said...

"if" her man rather.. my bad!

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