Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zone Women's passion to make a climb

Is this your only joke directed at the chest area, and Miss V. course? Wow .. means that you must heed good tips which we will flash a present for you below how to best explore it.

If you think the zone is located only passion women around the chest and private area, you are really wrong. Here we present a 11 point of passion that must be women by men:

1. Head

Ask couples to use the tip of the finger and middle finger to stroke your temple. Then, use the hands to play the hair before using the tip of her fingers to rub the head. Do slowly. You fall down a head in her lap while doing massage to relax and the reaction apresiatif.

2. Neck

No problem using the hands or mouth. Most women like when couples exploring the neck, both with the stroke, mild smell. Smack smacker and secured the area around the neck produces incredible sensation.

3. Posterior

Ask the pair to kiss your hair slowly started to head back to the embrace of the waist.

4. Thigh

Ask at your partner to explore in the thigh and outside, and avoid the genital organs, with the hands or mouth. Do not try to bite it. Area between the lips smack outside Miss V and then finish up the top of the thigh with a tongue.

5. Back of the knee

You recumbent, leg lift, lie on the body of a pair. Ask him to browse in the knee. Kiss and smack slowly and the surrounding area.

6. Hand

Hold hands with the line of sight and use the second finger to touch the hands with the soft. Try to grope her all over the surface of your hands. Place the middle finger in the mouth and paired hisap slowly. Do the same thing to your husband.

7. Wrist

Hold hands with the opposite hand, and use the fingertips to the wrist. Stroke after a few minutes, use the lips, teeth and tongue to lick and nibble a little slowly in the circle it.
8. Ear

So to the ear, and say something like, this night is yours night. "What he kissed the top of the ear, nibble slowly. Do not be too hard will hurt!

9. Stomach

Ask him a hug your waist with both hands and endus aroma when its nose close to the pair stomach. Ask him to kiss the tip of the stomach from one to the other end, and suddenly let the tongue, then lick it.

10. Ankle

No matter the make or you start foreplay, place the ankle on the shoulders of the pairing. Ask him to touch. Coax with one hand and the smell from one side to the other side.

11. Feet

Ask him a stroke or rub lightly with oil or massage cream. Oleskan on foot, slowly rising to the thumb and then to heel.


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Makasih ya tips nya.

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